Be Safe With Asbestos

Safety, strength and durability are the most priority of builders whether for home or buildings. Their materials must keep the buildings last long and prone to severe damages. That is why they use an asbestos, it is a powder like substance that can stop heat, electricity or sound from going in or out. Asbestos can be blue, brown, white and green in color.

Asbestos are used for insulation and added as an material for water pipes, roof sliding, vinyl, wirings, tiles, concrete, cements and more. Mostly, building constructions use asbestos because it is the capability to resist heat, and make the materials to be strong and last long. Even though it has a great purpose it can be a danger to human’s health, without proper knowledge of it may cause to severe sickness.

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Danger in Asbestos

Using materials with asbestos is not really harmful, but when fibers and dust are release from it then there will be a problem. Asbestos are easily to breath in and too much exposure of it can be dangerous, the fiber of it cannot be easily destroy by our body and when it stays then bigger damage is at risk.

It can cause lung cancer, Asbestosis and Mesothelioma. Lung Cancer is the deadliest illness cause by inhaling asbestos they are the person who are expose in the substance too much. Asbestosis it is not cancerous but it is a severe disease and can scar the lungs that can lead difficulty in breathing and may be fatal as well. Mesothelioma it is a cancer but this cases are rare.

These diseases may occur due to too much exposure on the asbestos fiber, age can also be a factor handling asbestos is dangerous that is why proper ways on handling them is a must.

How to be safe

Handling asbestos materials are not harmful unless the fiber was disturb, and it flies in the air. Inhalation of it causes health problems that is why materials are invented to reduce the asbestos fiber to spread. One of it is the PPS Asbestos disposable plastic sheeting is use to prevent the asbestos fiber to spread out, the plastic sheets will prevent the fiber to spread, and the good thing about is it can be disposed easily.

Handling any substance must be with extra careful not just for the handlers but for the people around them.