Cannabis And Why You Should Consider Using It?

The United states of America or USA is one of the many countries that are waging war against cannabis. But on the recent time America is slowly abandoning their stand against cannabis given that most states in America such as California, Colorado, Alaska and Massachusetts have already legalized it and everyone can consume it without fear of incarceration and prison sentences. This article should help you abandon the common misconception about cannabis and why you should use it instead? Read more below to learn more!

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What is cannabis?

Cannabis is a drug from hem plants that can be in form of dried leaves called marijuana, dried resin block called hash and oil extracts called cannabis oil. With these, cannabis can be consumed either from smoking it like a cigar or with a bong, mixed in food and beverages or to be applied on skin.

Cannabis is often used for recreational use because of its effect to bring its users to a “high” which makes their muscles almost numb and relaxed and slow in cognitive process.

Why you should use cannabis?

Cannabis unlike the common misconception about it, is not a gateway drug that can encourage its user to use stronger but more deadly and potent drugs such as meth, cocaine, ecstasy, bath salts and other illegal substances.

But in contrast, most users do not get addicted to cannabis because it does not possess addictive chemicals such as nicotine that can be found on cigarettes. Cannabis does also not encourage a user to commit crime and harm other people because it is a downer drug, not a stimulant. Stimulant drugs are the ones that can bring harm to other people because of its side effects.

On the other hand, cannabis is actually good for the health especially for those who have mental illnesses because it can calm them down in case of panic attacks from anxiety or seizures from epilepsy

Cannabis can also help greatly for those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease because cannabis helps in calming the muscles down. 

Cannabis can bring great joy and rejuvenation but it must be used with a lot of contro and moderation because constant use of marijuana can slow down the cognitive process of the user and shorten their memory

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