Car Insurance Discount You Need To Know

When looking for car insurance, usually one of the criteria many car owners are looking for is the cost of the policy. If you are looking for the cheapest car insurance, you better brace yourself because there is no cheap insurance in the first place. But car insurance brokers have revealed that Century National and Nationwide are the lowest price according to

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As mentioned, there is no such thing as cheap insurance, however, because of stiff competition; many insurance companies are giving out discounts to new and existing customers. As you may notice, car insurance companies offer different rates to almost similar coverage. So, if you really to get the cheapest insurance with a good coverage watch out for the following discounts.

Loyalty Discount

The name says it all. You can only avail this discount if you have been patronizing the car insurance company for a specified number of years. Usually, it is the big insurance companies that offer this kind of discount and basically, you can get a discount of up to five percent for the insurance premium.

Multi-policy Discount

If you ensure a number of cars under your name in one car insurance company, you will be probably offered a pretty good discount.  But you should know that this discount does not only apply to cars. If you ensure your car with the insurance company for your house or other property, most likely you will be offered discounts too.

Other Discounts

Surprisingly, car insurance companies give discounts for an unusual reason. One of which is based on your age or the old person discount. Usually, discounts are given to car owners that are 65 years old and above or a retiree or a pensioner. However, this kind of discount is very rare that it will be considered as luck if you happen to chance upon it.

Another not-so-ordinary discount for car owners is the nerd discount. Students in high school and in college can avail this discount only if their GPA is up to the standards of the insurance company.

For persons who have just completed their driver’s course, they also can avail car insurance discount. The discount for the educated driver is given only to recent passers who completed their course from an accredited driver’s training school.

It doesn’t matter where you go to looking for a good car insurance policy. What is important is that you are able to save a significant amount for it. Do not be ashamed to ask your car insurance broker for a discount for, in the end, it will be a win-win situation because you have saved money and at the same time the broker has entered a negotiation.