Colors Of Interior Design And How Does It Reflect On Your Home And Establishment

Aside from words and letters, Colors is also the medium to express your feelings and mood. Every color has its underlying meaning and that is why choosing your prefer shade or color in your home reflects on who you are, this article should help you choose your preferred color in your home and how effective it is to build mood in a certain place.

The meaning of commonly used colors:

Every color has its own meaning and can build mood on artworks such as paintings, graffiti, films and videos, photographs and such. Without further ado, here are the list of colors and their attributed meaning.

calming-living-room.jpg (1000×670)

Red: The color red usually attributes to passion, love, courage or anger. Color red are not often used to homes because of its high contrast color but this color is typically spotted and often used in restaurants to send the message that their food is flavorful, spicy or has similar intense taste.

Orange: color orange area attributed to positive traits such as joy, happiness, enthusiasm and energy. This color is not often used in homes but is common on restaurants.

White: color white is often attributed to purity and cleanliness; this color is usually used both on homes and restaurants because this color is versatile in creating moods and can always be partnered on any color

Blue: blue represents serenity, calmness and depth. This color is commonly used in a room where kids tend to hang out because color blue and lighter colors brings relaxing mood

Black: black represents power, elegance and formality. This color is rarely used in homes because of its dark shade but it is ideal and usually used for formal events such as debut’s, balls, corporate meetings, and any similar significant event

Interior designers and coloring your homes and businesses

Despite knowing your desired colors for your home or businesses, it is still risky to paint your walls all of a sudden. If you are unsure about what colors do go together well, interior designers can help you a lot. Interior designers can also serve as color consultants since they are the experts when it comes to designing. Speaking of interior design, Sheri Peterson is a Victorian interior designer that can help you decide which color should you use. If you want a lighter mood that offers relaxation, she can create a color mix of both white and blue that goes along well in your furniture.