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Should you be using a loan modification company?

There are those who would swear that if you desire to give your loan modification application the best chance of success, that you owe it to yourself to use the services of a loan modification company. Well, here at Mycaal.com our response is, “Really?” Let’s explore that notion just a little bit.


On the plus side – OK, there are some legitimate loan modification companies out there (you’ll also come across a good loan modification attorney from time to time) who are able to provide you with useful insight into the loan modification process. If these companies are offering an honest and professional service, they are potentially able to lend a greater level of preparation and accuracy to your application than if you were to go about it yourself, generally speaking. Bottom line: working with a professional loan modification company in obtaining your home loan modification certainly has some merit.


Downhill from there – Once you take into account the fact that there are some loan modification companies out there offering a decent service, the list of reasons that might make you hesitant about using them start to stack up:


  • Trust – Keep an eye on real estate headlines and you’ll see that stories about scams involving so-called loan modification companies are crawling out of the woodwork. It’s an unfortunate reality that when conditions prevail in which people suffer, there are always those crooks who appear who think nothing of exploiting the desperation and helplessness of people by promising solutions that they have no ability and/or willingness to deliver on.
  • Cost – Pursuing your mortgage loan modification through this avenue is most likely going to cost you quite a few thousand dollars. This is something that demands serious consideration when the whole point of a loan modification program is to provide you with relief from overwhelming financial commitments.
  • Options – Meaning, you have them. It’s not like utilizing the services of a loan modification company is the only strategy available to you. By no means. In fact, there is an option available that can provide you with superior benefits on all fronts to what you’ll receive through these kinds of companies, with absolutely no drawbacks whatsoever. When it comes to accessing the best possible loan modification help, you are able to make use of innovative loan modification software that is able to trump the services offered by a loan modification company, across the board.


There is no reason for the loan modification process to be intimidating, expensive, confusing or overwhelming. All you need is the right tools at your disposal, in the form of empowering loan modification software, coupled with expert support, and you’re on your way to preparing and submitting the best loan modification application possible.